What To Do On A Very Cold, Windy, and Snowy Night??

When it’s this cold and yucky outside, I will do anything not to have to leave my warm and cozy house! So, what to do while I’m stuck inside? What do you do?

I decided I was going to go through and organize my inventory. While doing this, I thought to myself, do I really need all this product on hand? The answer was a big NO! So, since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I decided I would start having some “bundle specials.” Any 4 beauty products or travel size perfumes, for just…ask me for the bundle price.

I have all kinds of great items…make-up remover wipes, bronzing powder and beads.

Travel size perfumes such as Imari, Far Away, Rare Pearls and Rare Gold.

Lots of True Color enamel and gel, finger nail polishes.

Beautiful Eyeshadows for your gorgeous eyes!

Color for your lips galore. Lipstick, lip gloss, lip crayons, and lip paint, oh and a bag to carry them in…oh my!!

Also, great products to make your cheeks cheery and your eyes and lips pop! Blush, mascara, and eye, brow, and lip glimmersticks!!

Happy Pre-Valentine’s Day Beautiful!!

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