Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Ever since I was young I have had a hard time with speaking in front of a group or talking to people I don’t know…it doesn’t help that I have an anxiety and panic disorder either. So, it’s been difficult starting conversations about my AVON business with people I don’t know. I found myself ordering gobs of brochures, but rarely giving them out to random people unless they asked me first…leaving me with a lot of unused brochures and feeling defeated.

So, I decided I had to come up with another approach. I decided I was going to invest in a lot of samples, I think I got at least one pack of each, lol. I put them in ziplock snack bags, some for women and for men. Then I put a recruiting card and a business card in there too. You wouldn’t believe how much easier it is to give people a “gift”, than a brochure…who doesn’t like free stuff?? The conversation is still a bit uncomfortable and It’s been hard to step out of my comfort zone of being quiet and looking anywhere but in their eyes…but, I’m trying, and that’s a step in the right direction. They may only be baby steps, but that’s better than standing in one place, never moving forward.

#anxietyisreal #movingforward

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