The Second Time Around

When you first start with AVON now, they put you on a program called the Kickstart Program. This program is to try and help you earn as much as you can in your first 7 Campaigns by setting goals for yourself. When I signed up, they were also offering the Share The Love Incentive. I was super excited to try and reach every goal I could…so, the journey began.

I went right to work, setting up my E-Store, taking every free AVONU class I could, familiarizing myself with my AVON website, watching all the AVON Social Selling videos, signing up for vendor events, and getting my name and brochures out there. It’s hard to get a business started, but I wanted to reach my goals!

It started out slowly but then gained momentum. I was getting new customers and reaching my sales goals each campaign, and within the first 2 campaigns I reached my first big goal…earning my $400 kit, I was ecstatic! 1 goal down, many to go.

I don’t want to bore you with all the little details, so I’ ll skip ahead and tell you that

between Aug. 17th and Dec. 12th, I reached every Kickstart goal, earned my beautiful “My Why” locket and my Kickstart Pin, recruited 5 awesome people to my team and became a Bronze Ambassador, sold over $5,000, earned my iPad, and earned 1,000 points towards the all inclusive Los Cabos trip incentive, plus my Los Cabos towel, and I had so much fun doing it…but, the best thing of all that I’ve accomplished this past few months is, I’ve met some amazing and wonderful people on this journey so far and that’s what makes this job the best!!

I really love what I do!!


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