The Beginning

Hi, my name is Jolene and what better place to start, than the beginning?

12 years ago I started my journey with AVON and I loved it!! Then I met my husband online and after 2 months, I decided to move in with him, which was an hour and a half away. Since I didn’t know anyone here, I stopped selling AVON and started working outside the home. Skip ahead 4 years, just a few months after we got married, I started having major health problems and a year later, so did my husband. I could no longer work outside of the home…so, I tried a few things here and there, to make some extra money, but nothing ever really worked.

Skip ahead another 6 years, lots of health problems and surgeries for both of us, and me still trying to find a way to earn some extra money from home. Then one night, scrolling through Facebook, there it was in big bold letters…JOIN AVON TODAY! This was it, exactly what I was looking for! I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I think of this before?” So, I clicked on the ad and I’ve been doing it ever since! Back to doing something I love doing, being able to work as much as possible or as little as possible, when my health problems are at their worst, and doing most of it from home. I can finally say I absolutely love what I do!

Now you know how it all started.

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